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Protect your vacant property with Live-in Guardians and Live-in Caretakers, giving you peace of mind and keeping your property secure – all while saving you money on security costs. Interested?

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With Live-in Guardians, you can save significant budget compared to the cost of mainstream security services. In exchange for providing you with reassurance that your property is being put to good use, our approved and trustworthy Guardians get to live in unique locations at a fraction of the usual rent cost.

Our Live-in Caretakers are professional protectors. Ex-British Military personnel and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, this is world-class live-in security. By choosing to take advantage of the skills of a live-in caretaker, you could save thousands of pounds a month in security costs.

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Live-in Caretakers

This is world-class live-in security, delivered by professionals of a world-class military. You might expect to pay a significant premium for military-grade protection, however by choosing to take advantage of the skills of our Live-in Caretakers, you could actually save thousands of pounds a month.

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Live-in Guardians

As the UK’s leading vacant property protection specialists, we keep commercial and residential buildings safe and secure. Through the use of carefully vetted property Guardians, we provide clients with a reliable and commercial protection solution, while saving them up to 80% on security costs.

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